Vivacious Visual Vault for Creative Entrepreneurs by JoDitt Williams

Has this happened to you too?

Have you ever downloaded a really cool digital product, but when you get ready to use it, you have no idea where to find it?

Watch this video to see my solution in action!
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Vivacious Visual Vault for Creative Entrepreneurs

 - the Smart (and pretty) Storage System to help you organize your digital assets for MAXIMUM productivity!

What if you never had to waste time searching for a digital file again?
Keep your valuable digital assets safe, secure and organized! 
Learn how to set up your own smart storage system in just a few minutes - and save HOURS every week.

Vivacious Visual Vault is...

 A quick workshop/tutorial bundle to help you organize your digital files, tools & training, quickly and easily - saving you tons of time and frustration.

Learn how to create an efficient drag-and-drop visual toolbox with pretty labels that are 
  • colorful
  • sortable
  • searchable

Course Contents

Vivacious Visual Vault Intro Video
12 mins
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Workshop Videos
Lesson 1 - How to Create a Board (Vault)
10 mins
Lesson 2 - How to Create Categories & Headers
12 mins
Lesson 2b - Easy Header Hack
2 mins
Lesson 3 - How to Add Files to Your Vault
5 mins
Lesson 4 - How to Add Files, Part 2
8 mins
Lesson 5 - Quick & Easy Cover Image Hack
5 mins
Lesson 6 - Labels
8 mins
Lesson 7 - Sort, Search & Filter
11 mins
BONUS: Trello Board Templates
Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway Template