Hope in the Lord Conference Trello Template & Tutorial by JoDitt Williams

For Hope in the Lord Conference Attendees

I don't want to miss a minute of the Hope in the Lord Online Bible Journaling Conference...
or waste time searching for links or downloads.
So I created a custom Trello board to organize all the info in one easy-to-access place.
Watch the video to see how it works.

Hope in the Lord Conference Trello Template & Tutorial

This will help you get organized
and save yourself tons of time
and loads of frustration - 
so you have more time for
fun, creativity & connecting with God.

What's included?

Video Icon 1 video Text Icon 1 text file


Read This First!
15 mins


What is a Trello board?

Trello is a digital tool that organizes your projects into boards. Imagine a white board, filled with lists of sticky notes, with each note as it's own file with more info inside.

Does it cost anything to use Trello?

No. You can sign up for Trello for free and it does not require a credit card. Trello does have paid options, but you don't need them in order to use this custom Trello board I created for you.

Will this work on my [computer, tablet, smartphone]?

Trello web version works on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge browsers.
The Trello app is available for these mobile platforms: iOS - Version 12 or higher. Android - Version 6.0 or higher with Google Play.

I'm not very tech savvy. Will this work for me?

It includes a video tutorial that walks you step by step on how to use the custom Trello board. It is really pretty easy.