Delight in the Word thru Coloring Bundle by JoDitt Williams

Delight in the Word thru Coloring Bundle

What's included?

Coloring & Bible Journaling for Beginners

Delight in the Word of God Coloring Book, Volume 1: Favorite Scriptures

How to Pick the Perfect Color Palette Course

Jesus is the Word Bible Journaling Kit

When I first heard about Bible Art Journaling and saw some of the amazingly beautiful pages on Pinterest, I was totally blown away. And I too, wanted to interact with God’s Word in that way. But, at the same time, I was scared. I wasn’t afraid of writing in my Bible. I had taken lots of notes and done lots of highlighting in my Bible. But, what if I messed up? What if my pages didn’t turn out as pretty as those I had seen? Where should I start? What pens, etc. should I use? And which Bible should I use? Should I try it in one of the Bibles I already owned, even though they didn’t have wide margins? Should I purchase a new one? My daughter was getting married soon, so buying a new Bible when I already had one wasn’t really in our budget. That question was answered when my sweet friend bought a journaling Bible with wide margins and gave it to me. I felt like God was nudging me to put all my doubts and fears aside and go ahead and get started. God is so sweet like that. However, it was still a month or so before I made the time (and got up the nerve) to start on my first page. It took me awhile to decide what verse I wanted to illustrate. But then it came to me… I wanted to illustrate the first chapter of John, because the truth conveyed in there is what made The Word come alive to me. Years ago, during a women’s Bible study, was the first time I got the revelation that Jesus IS the Word! I remember it like it was yesterday. That one truth forever changed the way I look at Scripture. The Bible is not just a “rulebook for life” or God’s love letter to me, but it is Jesus Himself! So, the more I know The Word, the more I know Jesus. Which, of course, makes me want to keep digging into God’s Word more and more. View my process of journaling my first page HERE. It is my prayer that you would have an encounter with Jesus, the living Word of God, as you use this Bible journaling kit to delight in The Word. The Jesus is the Word Bible Journaling Kit includes: 5 Printable PDF files 1 Devotional video