How to Pick the Perfect Color Palette Course by JoDitt Williams

How to Pick the Perfect Color Palette Course

Coloring book artist, JoDitt Williams of JoDitt Designs, shares her secrets to choosing colors that wow... for coloring pages, art projects, websites, and more.

Color Palettes that WOW!

Do you have trouble trying to decide which colors to use on your coloring page?

Decision fatigue is real. Learn how to overcome it.
Follow along as coloring book artist, JoDitt Williams of JoDitt Designs, shares her secrets to choosing colors that give your page that WOW factor.

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In this class you will learn:

• 6 reasons why choosing a color palette in advance will give you a more delightful and relaxing coloring experience
• How to find inspiration for your color palettes
• How to capture and organize your inspiration so you can find it easily
• How to use color to evoke emotions and communicate a deeper story
• How to quickly and easily pick the perfect color palette, without using the color wheel
• How to apply your color palette to your page to create a finished product that makes you SMILE, and that you are proud to share

Be sure to check out the BONUS LESSONS in the last module. They contain info on how to apply what you learned about picking color palettes to a wide variety of projects, like art, graphic design, websites, printables, books, and more.

What's included?

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Intro & Overview
3 mins
Let's Get Started
Why Choose a Color Palette
8 mins
My Favorite Coloring Supplies
Color Inspiration
Capturing Inspiration.mp4
4 mins
Finding Inspiration.mp4
15 mins
Online Shortcuts.mp4
8 mins
Organizing Inspiration
4 mins
Photos App
3 mins
Photos App 2
2 mins
Evernote App
5 mins
Adobe Capture App
8 mins
Class Project
Download for Class Project
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Class Project Instructions
7 mins
Project Instructions - Part 2
8 mins
Bonus Lessons
Choosing a Website Color Palette
20 mins
Choosing Colors for Art Projects
7 mins
Biblical Symbolism of Colors
4 mins
Next Steps
More Resources


I was so inspired after the class and so excited about all the great ideas JoDitt gives us for finding color inspiration. I have collected many coloring books and haven’t done much coloring mainly due to decision fatigue about choosing colors. I love how JoDitt narrows it down for us and simplifies the process. One suggestion I would give JoDitt is to recommend which pencils you prefer. Thanks for creating this inspiring and informative class.
-Lisa Philippi

JoDitt is an amazing teacher! You should totally take her class!
-Tracie Rollins

This class explains picking a color pallet so well. I would recommend this class for anyone who has trouble picking colors.
-Brenda Hawker

Loved this class!! I get stuck sometimes trying to pick out colors or look at my finished page and think it's missing something. I use a color wheel but that limits me to four colors. This class was super helpful! Great Job!
-Samantha Gilstrap